Will My Boys Lie To My Girlfriend For Me?

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Logan Paul

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Do the boys have my back?
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

NightCore Dag sedan
bro, what is with the tit show bruv?!
XBOXSERIESXFAN 9 dagar sedan
He reacted to everyone except for evan.. like he didn't care
java 13 dagar sedan
Good one, Logan.
Dr Strange
Dr Strange 13 dagar sedan
George is a real nigga.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 19 dagar sedan
Why the fuck the captions in hindi
SyReX 23 dagar sedan
3:36 👍
Venusisaplanet 23 dagar sedan
any body gonna talk about 3:34
The Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition Månad sedan
Bro the editor That thumbs up got me good
Desean Howland
Desean Howland Månad sedan
tf was that lana rhodes
Arthur Campos
Arthur Campos Månad sedan
I wish I could see the retention graph of this video just to see how many ppl came back to the tit scene
Gurjot Singh
Gurjot Singh Månad sedan
double chin 3:35
Robloxzz Månad sedan
She flashed the camera….
Jam Amf
Jam Amf Månad sedan
Lucky Hiller
blake webster
blake webster Månad sedan
I can’t believe I haven’t seen this one!!! Fucking George is the man yo. Damn I love this so much
noah ·
noah · Månad sedan
Rip Losie.💔
Ansh Pathe
Ansh Pathe Månad sedan
seeing videos of her being in the vlogs is annoying to me now after she's dating Bryce hall i hate her
GhastMan03 Månad sedan
damn this video is short as shit
Mario Mendes
Mario Mendes Månad sedan
Porque tá em português o título 🤔
Tea Party
Tea Party Månad sedan
"Editor Using only One Hand to Edit, Now that's a Pure Skill"
Abdirashid Hirsi
Abdirashid Hirsi 22 dagar sedan
Nicholas Duarte
Nicholas Duarte Månad sedan
he just learned to mulitiask
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Månad sedan
thats just a standard set by george there it should be the case a million percent of the times just shows men are just not men anymore. Except Georgie boy hes a real one.
Shahbaz Heller
Shahbaz Heller Månad sedan
That's why Mike and Logan are no longer together lol
Sad Lorino
Sad Lorino Månad sedan
why tf was lana rhoades in this
Daily Nintendo Tips
Daily Nintendo Tips Månad sedan
She was mike's gf
Danny Bevins
Danny Bevins 2 månader sedan
0:52 is gold
Hamoozi Hamz
Hamoozi Hamz 2 månader sedan
George all the way man ♥️
Samarjeet Bhonsle
Samarjeet Bhonsle 2 månader sedan
2:20 - i can't
Lil Kayden
Lil Kayden 2 månader sedan
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Jabali Dollaway
Jabali Dollaway 2 månader sedan
i love this part 3:34
nathan dewing
nathan dewing 2 månader sedan
3:36 uhh...
Elsie Wilhoit
Elsie Wilhoit 2 månader sedan
The fact that George said are you ok first
Saa Heal
Saa Heal 2 månader sedan
I regret being born in this country
Sehaj Gosal
Sehaj Gosal 2 månader sedan
I miss the old Logan who smashed plate
Chris Brian
Chris Brian 2 månader sedan
them pogo stick skills
Joshua Boyd
Joshua Boyd 2 månader sedan
Hey Logan ask the editor to un blur the part when Josie showed here nipples
Mary Aparici
Mary Aparici 3 månader sedan
Ur girl is so beautiful… so natural…..
Barbiestay High
Barbiestay High 3 månader sedan
I love Logan
Sharpshooter 3 månader sedan
Who s da weeman? We is funny
Pandarh 3 månader sedan
I even don't trust my staircase when I walk on it 😂
PetterSon 3 månader sedan
editor: :o
Nofucks Given
Nofucks Given 3 månader sedan
Really so I’m wondering if Logan’s friends will lie for him because I’m a stereotypical woman. Uhh wait a minute Logan is beating his chicken on a ladder!
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 3 månader sedan
The spiffy ambulance exceptionally peck because jaw neuropathologically marry up a ruddy guide. jaded, beautiful dugout
Misfit 3 månader sedan
Knock that old man's nutsack of a beard off,you got this
Gordo Lawrence
Gordo Lawrence 3 månader sedan
Even is funny i very been playing video games
ViDA-ViNCi ViSiONARY-ViSUALS 3 månader sedan
Almost 500k Likes 👍🏽 !!! 😱 🔥
Кадыр Абдыжапаров
Кадыр Абдыжапаров 3 månader sedan
Русские смотрят?
Guillermo Feijoo
Guillermo Feijoo 3 månader sedan
did they break up? I hope they are both doing ok
Rafael 3 månader sedan
Don't use the Lord's name in vain.
stealer knob
stealer knob 3 månader sedan
Fuck of
FY 3 månader sedan
Shut up
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez 3 månader sedan
The debonair preface effectively branch because sunshine simultaneously replace like a oafish bank. deserted, assorted brain
a normal guy
a normal guy 3 månader sedan
3:34 the editor must be happy XD
Dustry Mad Plume
Dustry Mad Plume 3 månader sedan
Fuuuh man now she’ll actually suspect something when the time does come😂
Zexer 3 månader sedan
the editor gets all the juice
Tim De Bruijn
Tim De Bruijn 3 månader sedan
I mis this shit
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 3 månader sedan
They should have done Jake
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 3 månader sedan
George is a real one
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 3 månader sedan
Meng Zhi
Meng Zhi 3 månader sedan
Editor is a legend
Jay Nguyen
Jay Nguyen 3 månader sedan
Y’all are saying that they are all fake friends but they are keeping him out of trouble and that’s what y’all wanted huh?
Alexander 3 månader sedan
George really likes Tiktok I'm pretty sure he saw the trend before cuz the viral one was when he said he's pooping
KevPlayzzz 3 månader sedan
your girlfrined is crazy
Viggo koskela
Viggo koskela 3 månader sedan
jULia 3 månader sedan
calling the cops that's chicken abuse
karlos Cruz
karlos Cruz 3 månader sedan
My brother wants a box you he said that he's our Knock You Out
TheHenMen 4 månader sedan
George such a good dude, 3:40, "hey, you okay?"
Blayke_ttv_ 4 månader sedan
hahahaha u keep getting him with ur jokes
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 4 månader sedan
I really hated this dude a few years ago but these days he seems pretty sound,
ozzy coralejo
ozzy coralejo 4 månader sedan
Never let go of George janko
seamor butts
seamor butts 4 månader sedan
Sounds like Logan Paul's been doing LSD. That explains his behavior change. I like the new person he's becoming.
oo oo
oo oo 4 månader sedan
4:01 Wish I had a friend like George
JOEL JASON 4 månader sedan
Fuckin tht Mike is a clout chase , nut a true friend
Ksj Dudh
Ksj Dudh 4 månader sedan
They know he ain’t gonna cheat
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 4 månader sedan
I am lucky I have a friend like that too who lied to my mom for me to cover my ass. She’s a real one.
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail 4 månader sedan
Thats it George is the only real freind
Anonymous 4 månader sedan
Logan is seriously promoting cheating as if it's a good thing. How disconnected from reality is he? Normalizing shitty behavior. How tf do you make this video and not see anything wrong with it
Crazyibbi09 4 månader sedan
Mackenzie Bustos
Mackenzie Bustos 4 månader sedan
Just want to be the editor of logan now.
Robin Morales
Robin Morales 4 månader sedan
This right here shows how many of your “friends” are actually your friends. Whatever you do Logan, take care of George.
J B 4 månader sedan
For someone so religious George is a very good liar😂
Granny Smith
Granny Smith 4 månader sedan
This didn’t age well...
Beau Horrigan
Beau Horrigan 4 månader sedan
The editor living the dream tho 😂
Benidito Levu
Benidito Levu 4 månader sedan
Nah.. nobody wants to get fired if they lie to his gf
Cody Woof
Cody Woof 4 månader sedan
You that egg game would probably help with his reflexes for boxing
Camalyn marshall
Camalyn marshall 4 månader sedan
This is why I love Logan he spent so much money on random things he is so funny 😂 🤣
kikOBaliko 4 månader sedan
I miss them both happy together 😌
christina derington
christina derington 4 månader sedan
Logans Girlfreind: every body loves me hayhay R Truth: I dont even Know if thats pg
Thot Slayer69
Thot Slayer69 4 månader sedan
I love how much Logan has evolved he is now one of my favorite youtubers he’s wholesome and he just seems so nice and then there’s jake
Jasper Simpkin
Jasper Simpkin 4 månader sedan
Yeah il subscribe now....you're good Logan... great content...
Banujjj Gamin edition
Banujjj Gamin edition 4 månader sedan
0:26 , I wish I could do that for my living.
fat boi
fat boi 4 månader sedan
Are any of us surprised that mike didn't have his back
Alex Lovelace
Alex Lovelace 4 månader sedan
who’s watching this in 2021
Mickey Bekele
Mickey Bekele 4 månader sedan
Idk if it's good or bad if your friend would sell you out...
LeeAnne Zajac
LeeAnne Zajac 4 månader sedan
I’m sorry but George asking if she’s okay. He’s so sweet
Zechariah M.S
Zechariah M.S 4 månader sedan
Lanita Dedon
Lanita Dedon 4 månader sedan
Bois I spent $750 in rubber chickens!!!!!
Mr877tgruB 4 månader sedan
Yeah today you smiling tomorrow you crying ✊
Jared Galarza
Jared Galarza 4 månader sedan
And that is why Mike is no longer with Logan anymore Fake ass dude. George the real one! 💪🏼
ZAINUL's FITNESS GARAGE! 4 månader sedan
23 M 😂
360 Fov
360 Fov 4 månader sedan
George is the most wholesome friend, he even mindlessly agreed to 'look into telescopes' before realizing it was a joke 🤣
عزالدين عادل
عزالدين عادل 4 månader sedan
انس و اصاله يا سرقين😂😂
Punjabi Kalol
Punjabi Kalol 4 månader sedan
Love you Paul, more love to evan😂😂❤
sadistic spirit
sadistic spirit 4 månader sedan
Im actually enjoying logan videos that says something man this dude made a damn great change
Chase Klusendorf
Chase Klusendorf 4 månader sedan
And look it ended up being logan and George left on the podcast and I love it!
Honey Badger Hour
Honey Badger Hour 4 månader sedan
George is a real one legend...
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