I Boxed 4 People At The Same Time

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Logan Paul

4 månader sedan

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A light warm-up for Floyd Mayweather on June 6 ;)
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I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Austin Foster
Austin Foster 15 timmar sedan
I clearly get everything leading up to Floyd and obviously who Floyd is and being a huge fight and all but really wish he atleast had a quarter of an approach in the ring with him how he did with the brothers
Sibulo Nathan
Sibulo Nathan Dag sedan
4:16 sheeeeeeeesh
Jaden Rodriguez
Jaden Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Are you going to box Connor
Nongpok Nganba
Nongpok Nganba 5 dagar sedan
Dude be a model or something if u don't quit fighting u gonna regret it cuz u r literally the weakest
Laylah Emerson
Laylah Emerson 13 minuter sedan
watchgirls18. com This shows how badly he’s gonna loose with mayweather
Soleh Leh
Soleh Leh 5 dagar sedan
Manny Pacquiao vs kanat Islam 2022 is the best
a4mad X
a4mad X 6 dagar sedan
HONEST TITLE : Boxing 4 guys ( who dont know how to box ) one at a time.
Dc movies
Dc movies 7 dagar sedan
Wtf is mojo Rawley doing here 😂😂
Yosef Inigo M. Velasquez
Yosef Inigo M. Velasquez 7 dagar sedan
Try to box all 4 people at once try that
Jace Wood
Jace Wood 7 dagar sedan
Hey rob
Hazza T
Hazza T 7 dagar sedan
this is so staged
IMM BRICK 7 dagar sedan
This was definitely real bruh you dont see antonio tarver in the gronks corner? nah they was training for logan and got wiped out this shit aint no game
motor fn trash
motor fn trash 9 dagar sedan
Still lost
Shaurya Kohli
Shaurya Kohli 10 dagar sedan
U look scary 😨😱
Nathan Flores
Nathan Flores 10 dagar sedan
click bait
RTX_CobraYT 11 dagar sedan
Help 10 thousand subscriber without video i request you
RTX_CobraYT 11 dagar sedan
Help 10 thousand subscriber without video i request you
MoHseN M.A.P
MoHseN M.A.P 12 dagar sedan
They are not boxer 😑
Tausif Zaman
Tausif Zaman 13 dagar sedan
Now Kevin vs Logan and Corban in blue brand 💙
Norah Ximena
Norah Ximena 10 timmar sedan
watchgirls18. com 👍
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 13 dagar sedan
It's a joke how Logan and Jake actually think they are good fighters seeing them fight is like seeing high schoolers fight it's high key cringe that they believe they are actually good
Bronson Z-1
Bronson Z-1 7 dagar sedan
Only dorks use the word cringe. Dork
James Leo Dela Cruz
James Leo Dela Cruz 13 dagar sedan
kuldeep ca ca
kuldeep ca ca 14 dagar sedan
Kannada ads on this vedio crazy
Lord Sovun
Lord Sovun 14 dagar sedan
he needs to have a better guard up.if logan fights like this chances are slim but he makes up for it with offense but lacks adequate defense
Old Mate
Old Mate 15 dagar sedan
Who are these bums?
Victor stiles
Victor stiles 16 dagar sedan
dandy duck nfts to the moon
monica lewinsky
monica lewinsky 17 dagar sedan
Why is the ref just stopping it before anything can happen. Shit is so fucking staged
kenjiteoteo 20 dagar sedan
Where is ginger the giant
JC 004
JC 004 21 dag sedan
0:52 Mechagodzilla :D
Venkat Raj
Venkat Raj 22 dagar sedan
logan looks tiny af among them
Hailee Aiyana
Hailee Aiyana 7 minuter sedan
watchgirls18. com These four are the perfect example of just because you're big doesn't mean you can fight
Daniel Conceição
Daniel Conceição 23 dagar sedan
não gostei do vídeo
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 23 dagar sedan
This four boxers are nothing compared to Floyd Mayweather
James Feltis
James Feltis 23 dagar sedan
Paul brothers are bums! Don’t box someone who’s says they never boxed before 🙄
Bronson Z-1
Bronson Z-1 7 dagar sedan
Then don't watch moron
Omar Hidalgo
Omar Hidalgo 23 dagar sedan
You gotta fight real fighters
Thomas Funkhouser
Thomas Funkhouser 24 dagar sedan
Hype bros should called gronk bros that
Thomas Funkhouser
Thomas Funkhouser 24 dagar sedan
Lol what that commentator MOJO RAWLEY.
Matt Lyons
Matt Lyons 24 dagar sedan
Rob would have beat him
Corbin Matasovsky
Corbin Matasovsky 24 dagar sedan
Play this game in Floyds gym.
Leia Carly
Leia Carly 55 minuter sedan
watchgirls18. com All he does is rush them and then "ref" calls it off. Also every single one of those guys was soft af.
Funny Pizza
Funny Pizza 25 dagar sedan
God is coming repent before it's to late to get inside of Haven
Ro Pop
Ro Pop 25 dagar sedan
This was embarrassing to watch the way they shuffled their feet and swung in the air clearly outside of reach
Luis Piaga Godinez
Luis Piaga Godinez 25 dagar sedan
0:40 🤣💀
Fletcher Lanser
Fletcher Lanser 28 dagar sedan
logans fight style is so weird
Kaidyn David
Kaidyn David 29 dagar sedan
Fight lebron James
Dhif Aziz
Dhif Aziz Månad sedan
Not really « at the same time
What up
What up Månad sedan
Technically it is a 4-2 for Logan boxing career
Pori Tongia
Pori Tongia Månad sedan
they cant fight for shit😂😂😂😂
non ya business
non ya business Månad sedan
You can beat 5 men your size but can but 5,9 150 pound mayweather
Miya Vu💕
Miya Vu💕 Månad sedan
Spread the gospel gospel god and Jesus loves you build a relationship with god and Jesus
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Ill sell these glasses if I have too come back. Trust me guys I just wanna have fun first then Ill start evolving.
Makenna Jenesis
Makenna Jenesis 2 timmar sedan
watchgirls18. com
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Block and fight then hooks.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Or kinda.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Thats when you fight like that.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
If your both swingin at the same time.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Theyllbe more open.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Wheres the block its about pychin em out and winnin too.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli Månad sedan
Whoa you actually look cool now.
Itzel Carranza
Itzel Carranza Månad sedan
I have your Murch
Fishy Army
Fishy Army Månad sedan
it's funny how he is boxing 4 people at the same time but he cant box one person
Jersyy Månad sedan
Little Dude
Little Dude Månad sedan
Logan keep your hands up or you would have been hit hard and hit out
Little Dude
Little Dude Månad sedan
Don’t feel comfortable
Juul Yessir
Juul Yessir Månad sedan
He just needs confidence when he fights
Mohammad Anwar
Mohammad Anwar Månad sedan
Ps4 sports
Mohammad Anwar
Mohammad Anwar Månad sedan
Do u drink or take drugs b4 that means floyd outpoint the fuk out yah?
Thomas Macaulay
Thomas Macaulay Månad sedan
Logan and jake aren't even real boxers
Energy Månad sedan
I feel like logan needs to fight someone his height or higher than him in a pro boxing match he'll have a higher chance of winning But from what I can see anyone taller than him doesn't want to fight him🤣
Palmer Liv
Palmer Liv 3 timmar sedan
watchgirls18. com Crazy watching someone box guys that have never thrown a punch in their life.
Chirag Månad sedan
The ref is mono rawley isn't he?
sanane Månad sedan
King Cxbbxge
King Cxbbxge Månad sedan
Fake ass boxer
John Herr
John Herr Månad sedan
When did the Gronks become like the Kardashians?
Roblox kid
Roblox kid Månad sedan
🤣 Logan do wanna see Tom Brady🤣 LMAO
101 bober
101 bober Månad sedan
are adult diapers a thing now?
Adeline Anaya
Adeline Anaya 57 minuter sedan
watchgirls18. com Keep your guard up while fighting Floyd
Tyler Lay
Tyler Lay Månad sedan
Grown men screaming sheeeeesh
Tyler Lay
Tyler Lay Månad sedan
That’s all I gotta say
Yuri Hlub
Yuri Hlub Månad sedan
Why not fight 4 professional boxers
Buddha !
Buddha ! Månad sedan
He was in the thinning movie and the thinning new world order and look at what’s happening now
Gameing King
Gameing King Månad sedan
U can tell he payed them to lose
Gameing King
Gameing King Månad sedan
There not even trying
Nathan gaming‘s
Nathan gaming‘s Månad sedan
The head prediction that you have the red one it looks like you were Donald Duck the world strongest Donald duck
Francesca Rowlands
Francesca Rowlands Månad sedan
I NEVER fan girl over a rich kid SEcycler but my god Logan is fit as currently and I am enjoying every second of seeing him work with his shirt off. More of this content please and thank you.
Clint the rideshare king
Clint the rideshare king Månad sedan
I put up a lot better fight you will shout out to the fans let an Aussie with serious skills have a shot if you have what it takes
DR. LEGEND Månad sedan
And don't gimme the bullshit bout Floyd being old
DR. LEGEND Månad sedan
All you haters saying Logans gon loose to Mayweather where you at now????????huh? Logan beat Mayweather at round 8, whatchu gotta say now huh?
Kyle Barrett
Kyle Barrett Månad sedan
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Bintana Ni berto
Bintana Ni berto Månad sedan
I was amazed by what you could do on the ring. New friend here from philippines. Thanks for sharing this awesome video.
Harrison Major
Harrison Major Månad sedan
Logan put your hands up
That kid channel
That kid channel Månad sedan
I have respect for logan
Navdonous Månad sedan
Change the wallpaper to the new Logan
Michael Lieb
Michael Lieb Månad sedan
Boom 💥!! My New Fav Moon 🌙 Man. More body. One too the center of gut or side goes down 1 Punch 🤜like a sack Potato’s nice Work Boss ☝️👉👈
Alexander Kusy
Alexander Kusy Månad sedan
It would be crazy if Logan boxed 5 people at the same time while on 1 leg
Josh Mal
Josh Mal Månad sedan
FixItNick Månad sedan
That’s not called 4 people at the same time, that’s 4 people in a ROW ... man you suck!!!
Vontrisha Washington
Vontrisha Washington 6 dagar sedan
@OmgitzrovenjayYT wat are u talking about i just said to chill bro
OmgitzrovenjayYT 6 dagar sedan
I would like to see you try fighting the four of them in a row
Vontrisha Washington
Vontrisha Washington Månad sedan
@Asif MGKS hey yall chill man
Asif MGKS Månad sedan
Well ur not a millionaire like him so I wonder who really sucks
Free Food
Free Food Månad sedan
God bless u all
drakesayshi Månad sedan
Let me guess You lost Oh I thought it was 4 at a time
Sıcak Saha Cephe Hattı
Sıcak Saha Cephe Hattı Månad sedan
Hahhahahhaah 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🤜🤜💪💪💪
Ulitma Yashar Pro
Ulitma Yashar Pro Månad sedan
Sean Subando
Sean Subando Månad sedan
Logan sold that stunner perfectly
Olive Belle
Olive Belle 3 timmar sedan
watchgirls18. com All he does is rush them and then "ref" calls it off. Also every single one of those guys was soft af.
Calcium Månad sedan
4:21 Slim vs N&A in a nutshell
Marianna Hadleigh
Marianna Hadleigh 7 timmar sedan
watchgirls18. com Keep your guard up while fighting Floyd
Verpled Månad sedan
Jake paul watching this be like:😢
Vishva Månad sedan
Noob vs noobs
Wolfy Månad sedan
I appreciate you Logan, We love you Logan, you are a good hearted person and that's the truth we love you ( GENTLEMEN )..
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson Månad sedan
"They have a channel it's the Gronks because that's their last name and stuff" -Logan Paul 2021
Darcy Pedrosa
Darcy Pedrosa Månad sedan
Casually include Mojo Rawley
Gabriel Månad sedan
I wish I could fight like Logan at least
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